What Is Mail Order Bride? Exploring the Concept

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A mail-order bride is a woman who signs up with a dating service or marriage agency and is then selected by men. Even though Mail order brides have existed for a long time, the practice was restricted to some parts of the world. Also, it was mostly mediated by agencies.

But nowadays, the practice has changed, and mail order service is now synonymous with a website where men can meet women. Men now have direct communication with the women they intend to wed. However, some things are still the same, like the origins of mail order brides, for example. These women are mostly from developing countries like Ukraine, Russia, and the Philippines.


Is mail order bride legal?

Mail-order marriages are legal and mediated by international marriage laws. These laws stipulate conditions that must be met before a citizen can marry a mail order bride from another country. One major piece of legislation that regulates the process is the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act.

The legislation requires that all citizens looking to marry mail order brides must first pass background checks. It also requires men to declare their financial and criminal history. The legislature was set up to shield mail order brides from potentially violent or fraudulent husbands.

Interestingly, the legislature also states that the brides must pass background checks, and declare useful information as well. This way, both parties can know what they are getting into before committing to a long marriage relationship.

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What are the benefits of having a mail order bride?

Men marry mail order brides for lots of different reasons. Let’s look at a few of them

  1. Mail order brides are exciting. The most alluring thing about mail order brides is that they are exciting to marry. You get to choose from a catalog of thousands of beautiful women, and the amazing part is that they are actually looking forward to being with you. Who could pass up an opportunity like that?
  2. The process is quite straightforward. Setting up a wedding with a mail-order bride isn’t as complicated as most people believe. Some time ago, you might have had some problems with the long-distance communications, but not these days. You can choose a lady, get to know her, and set everything up from the comfort of your house.
  3. It’s no more expensive than a traditional wedding. It’s interesting that marrying a foreign bride doesn’t necessarily cost more than having a traditional wedding. If you think about it, costs like cake and hall rental are almost equal to the fees you pay to the dating site and the cost of travel documents. If you can marry anyone of the most beautiful women on the planet for almost no additional cost, why don’t you?
  4. Mail order brides are beautiful. At the heart of it all, men marry mail order brides because they are beautiful. These brides come from countries that are notorious for having gorgeous women. As a result, you’re going to meet nothing but beautiful women when you sign up to mail order services.

Mail order brides give a perfect opportunity to find a real soulmate despite the distance. So why not take this chance and make a step toward your happy love life?

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