Dating Sites VS Marriage Agencies: What Works Better?

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If you’re familiar with recent trends in mail order brides, then you may know that there’s a distinction between dating sites and marriage agencies. Unfortunately, many people confuse these two services for each other, and some people even think they are the same. In this article, we’ll show the differences between the two of them.

Before we get into the differences, let’s look at the similarities between these two services. The most significant is that they are both accessible online, and you don’t need to make any international trips to set them up. Also, they both make it quite easy to meet and even marry brides from foreign countries. These services are even beginning to replace traditional “search, date, and marry” practices because they are much easier.

The differences between dating sites and marriage agencies

There are three major differences between dating sites and marriage agencies. All of these differences are related; they contribute to the unique experiences that the services offer.

  1. The mode of communication
  2. The presence of intermediaries
  3. The amount you pay as service fee

With dating sites, you communicate directly with the mail order brides over the internet. The process is quite straightforward, and all you need to do is to sign up to an agency, pay a fee, and get started.

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Marriage agencies, on the other hand, take care of everything from finding a bride to arranging her transportation to your location. The agency in this regard serves as the intermediary between the two of you, and you may not get the chance to communicate with your bride until the deal is complete.

The fees you pay are also relevant because, with dating sites, you can get by with a small fee. In fact, depending on how well you hit it off with your future bride, you may not pay more than a few hundred dollars as service fees. Marriage agencies, on the other hand, will require a substantial fee – at least a few thousand dollars – to pair you with a bride.

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A few other things to note

Even though there are distinctions between these services, there are also similarities. As a result, it’s easy to confuse them with each other so, here’s a short list of other differences to look out for

  • Dating agencies do not have a fixed fee. Unlike marriage agencies, dating sites do not promise that you’ll get married after spending a particular amount. They only connect you with willing ladies. The rest is often up to you.
  • Marriage agencies can guarantee the looks of your bride, but not her personality. Before sending a bride to you, you’ll receive a catalog, and you’ll have to make your choice. You can be sure that you’ll get the lady you pick. However, you’ll have little to no interaction with her, and you’ll have to wait till after you’re married to really get to know her.
  • Both services require the processing of travel documents and visas. Unless you intend to settle in your mail-order bride’s country, you’ll have to process travel documents with both services. Marriage agencies often assist in arranging these services. Dating sites help to an extent, but you’ll have to handle some of the processes yourself.

Which one is better?

Most men prefer dating websites because it combines many of the benefits of marriage agencies with its own. You can see the pictures of the women and get to know them before you ever have to decide on who to marry. Additionally, it’s a little less expensive than marriage agencies. However, if you’re simply looking for a mate and would rather get to know her as you build your lives together, then a marriage agency is perfect for you.

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