How to Find Women for Marriage: Guide

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The simple answer is to look online. Short of traveling to her home country, the internet is your best bet for getting paired with a mail-order bride. There are two kinds of services you can enlist on your search to find a mail order bride:

  • A dating service
  • A marriage agency


Registering with a dating service

A dating service is a website where you can meet single women from all over the world looking to get married. Many of these websites are specific to the women’s home countries (like Ukraine and the Philippines). Depending on the kind of website, you can either pay a monthly premium fee or pay for tokens.

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A premium fee will get you access to the website’s features, as well as communication with the women. On the other hand, websites that are token-based will require you to buy tokens to use the features and meet the women. The kind of website you sign up to depends on your preferences. However, they both have their benefits.

Now that you know to sign up to a dating service, the next logical question is, “how do I find the right website for me?” Since not all the websites online are legitimate, we’ve compiled a short list of tips to help you find the right websites and avoid scams.

  1. Read reviews. Thanks to the internet, people can share ideas and opinions freely, regardless of location and distance. Reviews are usually posted by authority websites and people who have used the service before, and they can be a precious resource to you.
  2. Search. A simple search engine inquiry can also yield a lot of positive results for you. You’ll get a long list of great websites. And because of the search engine’s sophisticated algorithm, many of the results will be authentic and legitimate websites. You’ll just have to do some work sifting through the results.
  3. Read forums. Forums are a little like reviews, except for the fact that they are informal. To get any valuable information from forums, you have to be able to look past all the jokes and banter. However, forums are very beneficial because they usually contain reliable information.

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Registering with a marriage agency

The other way to easily find a mail order bride is to sign up with a marriage agency. These are quite similar to dating websites except for one small detail – they have a mediator. With dating services, you can interact with the women freely. However, marriage agencies serve as intermediaries. They obtain a consent form the bride, arrange the proper documents, and then unite the both of you.

Marriage agencies can get you a mail order bride much faster than a dating service. The downside is that you’ll have little to no interactions with the woman before you’re married. Also, marriage agencies are more expensive than dating services.

The bottom line

You can find a mail order bride quite easily if you know where to look. Choosing between a marriage agency and a dating website is also quite easy, and your choice will depend on your budget and timeline. The better of the two options, of course, is the dating service. You can get to interact with many ladies, and you’ll only move forward with someone you’re truly attracted to.

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